A Simple Process

Getting started is as easy as having a casual conversation!

Let's look at your goals. What lifestyle do you wish to live? Together we can decide how best to realize your goals. I will let you know if we have the right fit for you before going any further in the process. No hard sales tactics here! Serving you with wisdom is my aim. Let's acheive your future plans.

Listening to you is vital.

In order to guide you through the maze of financial services and select the best directions for you, I want to learn about your future vision. Once we have a full picture of your current financial status, I can begin crafting the customized plan that puts you on the path to your dream. We begin by gathering the information needed to see that picture. By yourself this might feel overwhelming, but I will be there to assist you in understanding where to go, what to get, and what to do.

Reap the greatest rewards.

Your customized plan should be launched as soon as possible. Avoid delay and the unintended consequences of postponing. Get started today by simply calling and we can talk.

Ongoing service is part of our comprehensive program.

Your program will need to be re-evaluated from time to time. Your circumstances may vary. As laws change, making adjustments are imperative. Let us partner with you in keeping your plan up to date, accurately reflecting your goals, and maintaining profitability.

Social Security Planning and Timing

There are 1,279 possible scenarios for social security recipeints. How will you choose the best one? Improper understanding and implementation of benefits could cost a beneficiary up to $100,000 in lost income over their lifetime. We will guide you in maximizing your hard-earned benefits.

College Planning & Maximizing Financial Aid

College Financial Aid laws are complicated and convoluted. One example is that 529 accounts can be viewed as assets, thus reducing funding available to the student. We will reposition assets to increase college aid eligibility

Medicare Supplement Health Products

Reducing Healthcare expenses is a top priority for those 65 and older. Secondary coverage is critical due to medicare gaps, deductibles and limitations. We provide programs to cover the vast majority of these expenses.

Retirement Planning

We will develop an investment model that incorporates balance of risk vs. safety, providing you with a customized program that reflects the ideal investment philosophy for your position in life.

Long-term Care & Medicaid PLanning

Medicaid laws are very complicated. We have partnered with the National Elder Service Association (NESA) to provide the ability to protect a very large ratio of assets from spend down rules by medicaid, should you become subject to long-term care. If a loved one is already in long-term care, we can help protect the remaining assets from further spend down regulations.

Personal Liability and Umbrella Products

We are an independant insurance provider for auto, home, motorcycle, boat and personal liability excess programs, specializing in ages 55 and up. We may be able to save you $500 or more on your insurance programs.

Financial Planning

Life insurance is an integral part of one's financial health and wellbeing. We have access to over 25 of the top carriers. We will also explain the pros and cons of both term and permanent life insurance policies and provide what fits best for your unique position.

Estate Planning

We provide basic advice on the pros and cons of estate planning tools such as wills, various trusts, annuities, taxation and more. Proper estate planning can prevent tax burden on loved ones and maximize wealth transfer to your beneficiary(ies).

Other Service Referrals

As an added value to out clients, we provide referrals to other local business owners who operate under Biblical principles. These businesses provide exceptional service, products and quality work.