Timing Social Security: Get Higher Benefits

Many people ask me, "Why do I need to know more about Social Security, doesn’t it just come?" Social Security benefit rules are highly complicated. If you don’t know where the rules start and stop, it's time to ask for help. It is as if they make it hard to know what is best for you. How can you pick from 1,379 scenarios? Choosing the right plan to maximize your benefit on your own is nearly impossible.

You can get anywhere from 68% - 132% of your benefits. If you had $1,000 a month in benefits that would be either $680 or $1,320. Which check do you want?

Timing is essential. Knowing when the right time is, depends on your whole plan. It could be exactly right or totally wrong, and the Social Security Administration will not allow you to change that final decision once it is made. I can help you select the most beneficial time to begin receiving your benefits.

Getting to know you and your goals is my pleasure. I've been helping people navigate through these uncertain areas for decades.


College Planning:

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

Skyrocketing fees, tricky financial aid, and elusive scholarships are only three obstacles in college planning.

Pitfalls in college planning abound. Financial aid departments work to make their school profitable. Why would they act in your best interest?

Help your students instead of hindering them. Finding out how your "good deeds" may have unintended consequences, that penalize your children, can be a hard lesson to learn.

How do parents help? Learn what is a FAFSA "countable asset and what the consider a "non countable" asset. Re positioning your assets in the "non-countable" category will open up eligibility for thousands of dollars of financial aid for your child or grandchild. As an example, did you know that a student who has a $1,000 in an account will be disqualified for $2,000 in aid over a four year period?

Dealing with FAFSA and a college financial aid department is like playing monopoly without knowing the rules. Except in the case of college education, it costs you real money and lots of it". In financial aid situations you will not get past go without knowing the rules. I've been around this board. Let me help you play it smart!!"


Medicare: Covered or Not?

Understanding what Medicare does and does not cover is vital to your future. It's also vital to understand that Medicare and Medicaid are two very different animals.

Choosing the right program is essential. Medicare covers very little nursing home care...and only under select circumstances...and only for a very short period of time. After that, you pay 100% of the costs! Unless you have long term care insurance or have had Medicaid planning done for you by a Medicaid Planning attorney (different from an elder law attorney). Both are entirely different programs. Which is in your best interest?

We can not only assist you with understanding and choosing a Medicare plan that fits your situation, we can also explain the differences between a long term care plan and having a Medicaid plan created for you. Should you choose setting up a Medicaid plan, we have an attorney with whom we partner that will take care of your legal needs. If you would rather purchase long term care, we will take care of that for you in office. Either way, taking either of these steps will protect most of your assets from Medicaid's spend down requirements ($1500 in countable assets is all that is allowed by law).


Life Insurance: Providing for Your Loved Ones

Did you realize, you can prevent 50% of your estate from being given to the courts and lawyers?

It's sad to see, but it happens all too ofen when people neglect a simple updating of the beneficiary on their life insurance. Legally, the beneficiary on a life insurance policy will supersede your official will. People ruin relationships, etc. all because they didn't make sure that claims on their life insurance policies would be paid in the way they intended.

A meticulous Financial Needs Analysis will determine what you should do to provide for those who come after you.Should I buty term insurance or whole (universal) life? It depends! We will explain the difference between the two and you decide which one best fits your needs.


Estate Planning: Stewardship

A contested will, dual wills, or out of date trusts, put your estate in grave financial peril. Not to mention the dangers of not having a Will (the State will make one for you)!I've had to witness gut wrenching moments, when familiy's estates were torn assunder and the families themselves, were severed by the results.

We've been guiding our clients in fixing estate planning mistakes for many years. From the simple, such as updating out of date beneficiary clauses to explaining in detail how various estate planning tools work. One item we are consistently asked to explain are the differences between a will and a living trust. After you have an understanding of the pros and cons of the estate planning tools that will fit your needs, we will assist you in finding an estate planning attorney who can create and complete your legal documents that will accomplish your goals and objectives. Then, we will work together to create a future that accomplishes your goals and wishes.

Stewardship is a biblical principle. It is good to look at how our assests can do the most good even after we are gone. "A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will aquire wise counsel." Proverbs 1:5


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